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What happens to your solar panel system if you move house

The Feed-In-Tariff, known as ‘FiT’, is a government backed cash-back scheme that pays people who create their own electricity using green technology, including Solar Panels Sydney systems. The scheme lasts for 20 years, but with the average family moving house every 7 years, where does this leave you if you decide to sell up and move on?

Can I continue in the FiT scheme by taking my solar panels to my new property?

In a word, no. Although you could remove your solar panels, you wouldn’t be able to continue in the FiT scheme, as technically the ownership of the scheme is linked to the property itself, not the person who owns the system. Taking your solar panels with you and using them at your new house would categorise them as a new installation; however, they would still not qualify for the FiT scheme as the system would have essentially become second hand.

Another important consideration is that your solar panels will have been tailored specifically to fit your roof and the direction in which your roof faces. It is unlikely that they will fit your new property and continue to work as effectively. Furthermore, there is the risk that your panels could be damaged in the process of removing them.

How will my solar PV installation be regarded by my estate agent or a potential buyer?

Solar panels are usually categorised as ‘fixtures’ and would generally be included in the sale of the property alongside all other fixtures and fittings, so you need to bear this in mind when deciding your asking price for the property as a whole. You are within your rights to exclude your solar PV system via a Fixtures, Fittings and Contents document. This gives you the opportunity to negotiate a separate contract to transfer the ownership of your solar panel system to your buyer.

Potential advantages of this arrangement can include:

•The chance to negotiate a better price for your solar panel system. This might be important if your estate agent hasn’t really taken your solar panels into account when valuing your property;

•You may be able to reduce the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) payable by your buyer if the property price is near one of the thresholds for SDLT – this can be a deal-breaker for some buyers.

However, there are also possible risks associated with this:

•A buyer could be put off by the complexity of having to negotiate separately to acquire your solar PV system;

•Your buyer could decide that they are not interested in buying the system from you, which might mean that you then have to include it as a free ‘extra’ anyway or have the hassle of uninstalling it.

Could a solar PV system increase the value of my property?

There is no evidence of a direct correlation between solar panels and property value. It’s more about how much your prospective buyer values the benefits of a solar PV system and how this in turn might affect their offer. Your property valuation could potentially be affected by how much value an estate agent places on ‘green technology’. You may find that different agents have varying attitudes to renewable energy generation, so it might be useful to research a number of agents before appointing one.

The most tangible evidence of value for your buyer will be the quarterly payment cheques received through the FiT scheme, so it’s well worth making prospective buyers aware of these.

Can I still benefit from the FiT scheme if I rent out my house?
Yes and no. Although the scheme will continue for your property, the government and HMRC have introduced tougher guidelines for people who claim FiT but no longer live full time at their property. Once you move out, the payments will be viewed as taxable income, so the scheme will not be as lucrative for you as it was when you were living in the house and it was tax-free.

So what does it all mean for me?

Given the evolution of solar panel technology, there has never been a better time to invest in a solar PV system and see such great returns on your investment; however, these benefits are more significant the longer you stay in your property. If you would like to know more about how your current property could benefit from a solar panel installation, contact us for a free survey and quote. You could also check out our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more.

Whole Body Vibration Exercise And Osteoporosis

The general consensus is that whole body vibration exercise does increase bone mass density and it also lowers mineral reabsorption by the body. Medical studies tend to express their findings in a very conservative manner – similar to the way that financial advisors express themselves. There are few absolute claims and many disclaimers. This is understandable given the litigious nature of our society.The result is that much of what is known about the effect of whole body vibration exercise is as a result of anecdotal case histories which have been publicized either in journals or on the internet.

While claims regarding whole body vibration exercise are often grossly exaggerated, there is some substance to some – one being the claim that this technology helps as a therapy for osteoporosis.

This article is not intended to be a medical commentary or definitive finding. It is based on some common sense observations and numerous testimonials. It explores the reasons thatwhole body vibration exercise is beneficial in building bone mass density and leads to the obvious conclusion that it is a beneficial therapy for osteoporosis.

Firstly, whole body vibration exercise was originally developed to assist Russian athletes to increase muscle strength. After being used for this purpose, Russian scientists observed that it had an effect on bone mass density. This led to it being used by Russian cosmonauts to combat the loss of both bone mass density and muscle mass experienced after prolonged exposure to zero gravity conditions.

Shortly after the iron curtain fell, the technology made its way to Europe and then to North America.The basic logic behind the claims that whole body vibration exercise is beneficial to the body, particularly the skeletal structure and muscles is fairly simple.

The vibratory action causes a muscle stretch reflex. The body simply reacts to the vibratory stimulation in an effort to maintain balance. This muscle stretch reflex exerts some stress on the bone. The bone reacts by increasing density as a strengthening mechanism.

Whole body vibration creates the same reaction that caused by resistance exercise – only vastly accelerated. Because the rate is accelerated, the effects are also accelerated. This is the basis of the claim that 10 minutes of whole body vibration exercise produces the equivalent result as 60 minutes of regular exercise.

If walking and resistance exercise is helpful in the prevention and reversal of osteoporosis, then by deduction it can been seen that whole body vibration exercise has the same effect. Only quicker.

As with any exercise, consistency and frequency is key to obtaining and maintaining results. Because of the accelerated muscle action stimulated by whole body vibration exercise, sometimes the expectation is unrealistic. Although it is only necessary to spend 10 minutes a day using whole body vibration, it is necessary to do this on a daily basis at least 5 or 6 times per week if you wish to see significant and lasting results.

General increase in flexibility, mobility and balance should begin to be seen after a few weeks of use. Increase in bone mass density has been reported after 6 – 8 weeks of use. However it is advisable to think in terms of months and years rather than days and weeks. Exercise of any kind is a lifestyle and not a short term therapy.

Make Your Home Safe For Children

The first thing you should do is make sure you have emergency numbers posted close to each phone in your house. Numbers that could help save a life include 9-1-1 for police or fire department assistance, a poison control center, a hospital, a medical doctor, and ambulance service, and one or two trusted neighbors or friends who live nearby water damage Brisbane. Teach your child how to use the phone, and how to dial emergency help, especially 9-1-1. Make sure every child knows his or her name, phone number and address.

You should also have a first aid-kit handy – including a first-aid book with an index that gets you to the pertinent pages fast. Parents should know how to administer basic medical procedures, which could save the life of their child while they await the arrival of paramedics. Such procedures include artificial resuscitation, and the trying of a tourniquet to stop severe bleeding. County social services departments, schools and hospitals can direct you to classes in these and other procedures that you might need to use during an emergency.

Among the most common emergencies faced by parents are fire-related accidents, which account for many injuries to toddlers and small children. Fireplaces and wood stoves present many dangers. Children can fall into a fireplace or on to a woodstove and suffer severe burns. In addition, coals ashes often remain extremely hot for more than 24 hours after a fire goes out. Even after the heat dissipates, children can choke or suffer poisoning by inhaling or swallowing coals, soot, and ashes.

Parents need to consider carefully whether their home provides adequate protection from fireplaces and woodstoves to their children. Glass fireplace doors do some good, but they also get very hot. Iron gates can fall. Securely erected barriers – available at many fireplace and stove stores – do a much better job of keeping children away from the dangers associated with fires.

Another important practice is to keep lighters and matches away from children. Even lighters that can no longer produce a flame can produce sparks, which can ignite flammable material. If you have children in your house, use only safety matches, not the ones that you can light by scratching on any rough surface.

Fires can also start from a blanket or pillow falling against a hot night light bulb. Arrange your lighting so as to make such an occurrence unlikely, and buy newer night-lights, which use cooler, mini neon bulbs. Also, make sure your night-lights have strong secure shields to prevent little fingers from playing with the bulb.

Doing everything possible to prevent fires is the best defense, but no home should be without smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Test detectors once a month and change the batteries promptly when necessary. Install a smoke detector just outside each bedroom and have at least one at every level of your house. Examine and service extinguishers on a regular basis as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and make sure family members and baby sitters know how to operate them.

Have fire escape routes that every family member understands. Have escape ladders handy, and keep all exits clear. If possible, every room should have a window large enough to be used as an exit.

As soon as your boys and girls can understand, teach them what they must do in case of fire. Many children die because they try to hide from a fire instead of fleeing from the house. Have fire drills regularly where escape routes are used, and children practice the stop-drop-roll technique. Never leave a small child unattended at home.

Can Weed Cure Social Anxiety

Individual life is filled with stresses. There’s lots of uncertainty about all you occupy, as none of us can predict the future. This results in anxiety sometimes. A panic attack is a breath taking attack that occurs in humans by extreme levels of anxiety or panic. This gives an experience of life termination and is totally managed by the head. This is a psychological disorder. People who are below panic attack can’t concentrate on daily activities properly. They intend to end up their lifestyle too.

Causes Symptoms of Panic Attacks

Modern living is making people so trying, and so there is more stress in and out of the home. You will need someone to share and care. If the feelings are shared with anybody, the heart becomes light and there’ll soon be no further fear and anxiety come your way. When tension is overloaded in your head, it turns to become panic attack. There are several symptoms available to understand that a person is suffering from panic attacks. There are several sources that generate panic attacks in persons including Phobias, lack of self-confidence, biological causes which comprise some chronic diseases, excessive drugs, psychological disorders and many more.

If you are feeling unwanted, or whenever your mind is preoccupied with fear, the best thing you could do is to open at your close ones. There can be some emotional and bodily signs come to inform you that you’re under panic attack. First factor is that, you will see unneeded fear for everything. You will see great perspiration on your own body. Your heart starts beating irregularly or at least you feel that there is an irregularity within your pulse. You feel ill for no reason. Your body begins troubling you unnecessarily. The matter is the fact that, all of these are that does not occur actually. They exist because you’re feeling troubled about something.

Hypnosis might Help Individuals with Panic Attacks

There are several kinds of remedies available to get rid of panic attacks. There’s therapy available for the individuals under panic attacks. The panic attacks may be resolved by breathing exercises to some degree. If the problem is in the initial phase, breathing exercises can alone solve the issues of panic attacks. Then you could consult a psychiatrist, when it’s not decreasing with breathing exercises.

If the symptoms are identified precisely and if the individual is encouraging to have him or her to the doctor, it might solve the issue. At Times, you feel that you’re no-where linked to this world. Excellent feeling of unwanted fills within your head which leads to the Panic attack. Take hold of respiration to restrain the panic attack symptoms in your heart. If respiration can be carried out slowly, at regular intervals of time, there will be a control over breathing.

Try to be calm once you are feeling panic. Focus on your own thought-process and converge all of your ideas and try to become quiet. Hypnotherapy is the finest way to lessen panic attacks. It is a way to create the patients to cut back unnecessary ideas and making them attentive to the directions than their inner intensions.

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