Treating Wasp Stings with Essential Oils

Bee and wasp stings

Wasps always come when we’re out enjoying ourselves. It can be the beach, a picnic or just a walk in the park but that sting is going to ruin your day. Most people know how painful a wasp sting can be (if you’ve never had one then you’re extremely lucky) however it’s a very common occurrence and we have to expect it from time to time.

The best we can do is prepare and have the best possible products around for when we do get stung. This will let us quickly treat ourselves or our loved ones to relieve the symptoms and lessen the impact.

Treating Wasp Stings

There are a number of medications available for wasp stings but they are often fairly expensive. Some can even be difficult to get without a prescription which means waiting at the doctor’s office.

Some people rely heavily on home remedies that have been passed down through generations. While these are sometimes effective they often aren’t and can even make a problem worse.

Wasp Sting Remedies

The new way to treat wasp stings is with Essential Oils. These natural concentrated oils have key properties that make them well suited to the task. Oiling Point has identified and found some of the best products around which can be used as remedies.

Why Essential Oils?

Firstly it’s important to note the properties of a sting. For example it’s important to recognize that bee stings are acidic while wasp stings are alkaline. The different problems need different treatments, that’s where essential oils come in.

Essential oils are useful for soothing the wound. They can work fast and provide almost instant relief. They can also be used to calm the skin, this in turn helps stop the irritation after being stung. Finally they can be used to aid in the healing process, so you’re less likely to have lasting marks or scars.

The Best Wasp Sting Remedies

Wasp stings are painful and annoying, but thankfully there are some good treatments out there. By looking around Oiling Point’s specialized section on wasp stings you’ll find some well designed blends that will help take the edge off that sting. Make sure you test the products on a small area of skin to check for sensitivity and always consult an expert if you have any side effects.

We think all of these essential oils are great for everyday life and would do well in treating wasp stings or insect bites. Check them out today and let us know what you think.

Cheap and Effective Electric Smokers

Assorted electric smokers

I think most of us would agree that some of the best meals of our lives have come from smoking meat. It’s actually one of the oldest methods around that involves patience and precision to create some unique blends of flavours. By slow cooking the meat over different smoked wood you’ll create a unique taste in the meat, plus the regulated temperature will keep the meat beautifully tender.

By using different woods the idea was that different flavours would be created. Red meats would pair well with darker, smokier woods while white meat would prefer a more mild flavour. All meat could be smoked and if done well it is incredible.

Smoking meat was becoming a dying art. It was really time consuming and the daily routine of busy households just didn’t allow for the same kind of focus to be put on one meal. Regulating the temperature and smoke output is difficult and certainly doesn’t let you wander away from the food for long. What was needed was a simpler way to get the same results.

The electric smoker has revolutionised how we smoke meat. It’s let anyone who wants to get involved start slow cooking their meat and create inspirational flavour in their dishes. Electric smokers are designed to keep it simple. You can regulate the temperature with a gauge and control the amount of smoke going into the meat. This means you have complete control of the cooking process. The end result is great food, cooked simply.

Cheap and Effective Electric Smokers

Best Electric Smokers ReviewedAs with most kitchen accessories you can spend as much as you want to on equipment. While the electric smoker is extremely effective you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best results.

It’s about shopping smart and not always going after the big brands. You’ve also got to identify exactly what you need in an electric smoker and make sure you focus on that. When shopping for your electric smoker it’s important to consider:

● Quality

The smoker is all about the food it creates. If the food isn’t up to scratch then it really is a pointless investment. You’ll want to look for an electric smoker that let’s you keep maximum control of the process, and that means temperature and smoke controls at a minimum.

● Size

This pretty much is just what you’re hoping to do with it. If you host regular gatherings or bbqs then you’ll require a bigger smoker. If you’re happy to make do with smaller units then you should look smaller. Realistically if you’re able to go for a smaller size you’ll be able to save some money.

● Efficiency

By choosing an energy efficient model you will see some long term value too. You’ll spend less to run the smoker and over it’s lifetime that means some noticeable savings for you.

Ultimately a good electric smoker should be about combining these three values, aiming for something that performs well but is still affordable. There is no reason you can’t find an electric smoker which has these attributes and doesn’t cost the earth.

Finding a good electric smoker is about looking for value. Check out the full list of affordable but effective electric smokers: